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Translations: Frequently Asked Questions

Tesionline's aim is increasing knowledge and culture sharing, making our resources accessible to as much people as possible, but language is one of the greatest overcoming obstacles. Therefore, we are looking for thesis and dissertations translators.

Which thesis/dissertations can I translate?
You can translate only thesis/dissertations authorized by authors. Please, look over the latest authorized thesis/dissertations or refer to the complete list.

Which requisites to become a Tesionline translator?
First translate the preview of the chosen thesis/dissertation (accessible for free), then mail it to us, demonstrating your proficiency. If you pass the test, you will be allowed to translate the whole text.

How much does a Tesionline translator earn?
Any thesis or dissertation complete access is allowed only under a fee paid to Tesionline. Once a year, for each copy sold (except for the first one) Tesionline pays off the author with half of this fee. Concerning the translated copies, Tesionline halves this payment between the author and the translator.

When is a Tesionline translator paid?
At the end of every calendar year, by the 31st of March of the following year, translators will be paid by Tesionline, exactly as for authors.

Can I translate my own thesis/dissertation?
You can translate your own thesis/dissertation, just follow the translator procedure. In such a case, no permission's required.

How many translating theses/dissertations can I request?
You may request only one translation at a time.
A new one may be requested, only after you have been assigned the previous one.

How do I send the complete translation?
Once your request has been accepted, you will be given a numeric code and an email address. Send your translation as attachment to this address, entering the numeric code in the object field.

For further information, please write us at [email protected]