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PR as a function of census management: comparative analysis of fifteen census experiences
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Le relazioni pubbliche come funzione di census management: analisi comparativa di quindici esperienze censuarie
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Tommaso Botto, Università degli Studi di Udine, 2001-02
Tommaso Botto
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Social and Political Sciences

PR contributing valuable uses optimal planning and management of national census surveys. I compared the population census in fact a sort of mega internal communication, through which the state (all citizens) asks himself (individuals) on relevant aspects of his life (vital statistics and socio-economic) meticulously collecting data needed for a general decision-making process. It goes without saying that public relations have to assist that process of internal audit.
By extension, the RP is applicable to any statistical virtuously (demographic, opinion poll, opinion ,..): their main practical purpose lies in optimizing information flows belonging to the organization that manages complex (Istat, U.S. Census Bureau, Australian Statistics, Statistics Canada, ..) and the communication of messages of value (utility, familiarity and safety) necessary to provide a prompt cooperation from the respondents (all present on a given territory), through proper elements of advertising, institutional communication, the (census) mkt and techniques persuaders (aimed primarily at solving the problem of "disobedient").
The interest that I have attributed to the demographic census for a discussion pubblicorelazionista is very grounded in the fact that the activities of collection "interact" with the whole population, not even the elections "have relations" with an audience so vast.
The development of my research was shaped by a vision soon as possible comparativistica: for I have collected an extensive documentation (bibliography and web) regarding the manner of communication (pre-, co-and post-census) adopted by national statistical agencies some thirty countries, starting contrastive evaluations on five crucial aspects of census management (budget, timing, communication, questionnaires, methods of administration and collection) restricted with the analytical complexity, a sample "elastic" than fifteen countries around the world .
I then tried to start a process of semiotic analysis of the material elements of the population censuses, and found in certain national situations (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) real virtuoso of public relations.
I paid particular attention to the science of questionnaire design activities intended as a form of interrogation, in its aspects purely RP (questionnaire design): a purely theoretical assumptions I connected real examples, "dismembering" the survey questionnaire census sample number in analysis.
The view comparativistico has aroused a strong desire to establish a hierarchy, in the key of RP, with regard to census more advanced and interesting.