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The evolution of ecotourism in Costa Rica: A case study on the Osa Peninsula
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Melanie Favini, Università degli Studi di Bologna, 2015-16
Melanie Favini
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This dissertation represents a great source of information to anyone who may be interested in Costa Rica and sustainable tourism. As years go by, sustainable and ecotourism are heavily impacting the travel industry by positively influencing a country’s economic, environmental, and socio-cultural aspects. These three “pillars” are the key figures that make up sustainable tourism. Tourism wouldn’t be 100% sustainable if these pillars didn’t match with the same level of sustainability. The concept of sustainable tourism is important as it concerns the wellbeing of a country and its amenities. Costa Rica is a leading country in what we may call “ecotourism.” One of the top destinations in the world for ecotourism, it is a true natural paradise with an amazing biological diversity.
This paper is organized intro three sections. The first chapter, is an introduction and a general overview on the beautiful country of Costa Rica and its various types of tourism, outlining the negative and positive aspects of each.
The second section goes more in depth and analyzes the Osa Peninsula and outlines the reasons behind the importance of ecotourism in the area. It also underlines the ways the Osa Peninsula sets goals and achieves a type of tourism that can truly be called “sustainable.”
The third section of this paper is the demonstration of practical evidence. Having conducted an experiment throughout my time in the Osa Peninsula and having gathered information from 100 different types of tourists by handing out surveys and later collecting data, it has been possible to accumulate enough data to draw out conclusions and receive a general idea on the tourists that come into the Osa Peninsula. Personal evaluations and opinions are also included in this section.