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Mosaics of rooting. Beyond boundaries and borders
Language: Spanish This thesis is written in Spanish
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Mosaicos de arraigo. Más allá de los límites y las fronteras.
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Adán Carranza Villalobos, La Salle, Costa Rica, 2016
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The thesis Mosaicos de arraigo. Más allá de los limítes y las fronteras frees the roots of their legal restrictive meaning and explores conceptual, pedagogical and vitally the term-rooted reality. Exalts personal intuitions, as lines of thought and emotional way of guides and events leading to the knowledge of roots and their potential-limits experiences in the educational act. The look and methodology to address the roots, as mosaic approach contains three parts, meaningful in themselves, but, at the same time, all embracing and overflowing with synergy: (1) building possibilities thereof from holism, complexity, decoloniality and gender; (2) interrelation of attachment to the learning and (3) perception of joy and roots as utopia. Each part concludes with a vital expression of rootedness as a mosaic tile