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Analysis of European and Italian reception systems: a possible path towards the overcoming of the migrant crisis
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Andrea Favaretto, Università degli Studi di Padova, 2015-16
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Academic area
Social and Political Sciences
[EN] In the following chapters we are going to analyse the occurring migrant crisis, trying to understand how European countries, and Italy in particular, are facing the situation; to do so, we initially explore which are the main actors involved in the migrations management, and what are their role, and also which are the relevant treaties and policies relevant to the issue; then, we will narrow the focus on the Italian actors, analysing the Italian reception system in all its aspects. In the third chapter the focus will be on the actual journey of migrants, the difficulties they have to face, and the actors involved in their everyday lives. Finally, we will try to figure out which are the real and main challenges the reception system at all levels has to face, trying also, with the support of the opinions of many stakeholders, to find out what can be the possible way to change the system in order to reach an improvement in its functioning, but also and especially in its effectiveness in helping migrants to obtain a better life, both in Europe and in Italy.

[IT] Analisi dei sistemi di accoglienza Europeo e Italiano, dei loro limiti e delle loro lacune, e ricerca di possibili azioni da intraprendere al fine di superare quella che viene chiamata crisi dei migranti.