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EU Competition Law and the Automobile Industry
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Lorenzo Giuseppe Gugliotta, Università degli Studi di Padova, 2015-16
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Competition law has a strong influence on the automobile industry, even if this sector's concentration rates do not raise the same antitrust concerns as, for example, chemical or telecommunication industries. Starting out with vertical agreements, this work will show that the motor vehicle sector has proven decisive in shaping the very notion of “competition” and the relationship between Articles 101(1) and 101(3) TFEU, which is best understood by the distinction between allocative vs. productive efficiency. This distinction helps in turn explain the role of non-competition objectives within antitrust proceedings.
The thesis will build on those findings to assess crisis agreements and mergers between auto manufacturers; it will conclude with a prospective case study on antitrust solutions for the rescue of the Volkswagen Group, should it end up impossibly oppressed by financial burdens in the wake of the “Dieselgate” scandal.
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