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Open Network for Metadata Exchange of Academic Repositories
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Red de Acceso Abierto para el Intercambio de Metadatos de Repositorios Académicos
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Ivan Surizaday Gonzalez Magaña, Instituto Tecnologico de Colima, 2014
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Academic area
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Use of Web technologies have risen largely in the last years, at the same time, these technologies progress to offer us new features and benefits to use them in the development of systems. At the same time many educational institutions join the Open Access Iniciative that promotes the divulgation of digital content through standars and protocols that make easier the information exchange. At this thesis project, we use the protocols OAI-PMH, HTTP, the standar Dublin Core, database tools and programming lenguages, to create a open access network that allow store and share information about all scholar digital documents (eprints), generated at Instituto Tecnológico de Colima (ITC) and the metadata of eprints of other schools that will form this network. In this project we provide a particular approach in the structures od the repositories to adapt them within the requeriments of ITC.