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EVD - The Ebola Virus Disease, una traduzione medica
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Giulia Bogotto, Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici - CIELS, 2015-16
Giulia Bogotto
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My degree thesis hinges on the translation of an excerpt from the American writer David Quammen book “Ebola, the natural and human history of a deadly virus”, on the compilation of a glossary referred to the whole book and on the main theoretical notions regarding specialized translation that I have examined, analysed and summarized in English. The vocabulary content is also based on my translation experience. More precisely, the first chapter of the presented document regards the author’s life. The second chapter introduces the introduction and three-chapter translation of the book “Ebola, the natural and human history of a deadly virus”, translated from English into Italian.
I can define it a medical translation because medical terminology appears frequently. In fact, during the expedition throughout the deepest Central Africa forest, Quammen crossed many zones where animals and people were exposed to many diseases spread by wild animals: in some cases gorillas, apes, in some others bats or still non-identified beasts. In the third chapter, I compiled the medical glossary based on the whole book, not only on the translated part. It is the result of a terminological research from English into Italian and it is organized as follows: name of the disease in English (and its etymology), Italian translation of the disease, Italian description of the disease. To summarize, the fifth chapter is about some theoretical considerations about specialized translation and, more precisely, medical translation.