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Nigeria: the Path of the Largest African Economy towards Globalization
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Iuri Aganetto, Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2014-15
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Academic area
Social and Political Sciences
The very intrinsic features of Globalization, which create a smaller and more interconnected world, are also bearers of a series of negative consequences that influence the modern states and their economies. In the case of Nigeria, its harsh experiences have left profound grieves that are still affecting the country nowadays. Nonetheless, Nigeria has been admitted into the group of developing economies with the potential to win a larger share of the world power. But the country still presents social and economic deficits that have to be addressed. This research analyses the economic development of a Sub-Saharan nation like Nigeria in a global context. In any case, the fact that globalization is unstoppable will help Nigeria to reach its economic targets and even more, but without solving its internal turmoil Nigeria’s economic development will be wretched and socially unfair.