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Design and Development of Suspension and Steering System for Formula SAE Vehicle
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Progetto e Sviluppo di Sospensioni e Sistema di Sterzo per Veicolo per Formula SAE
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Lorenzo Andreucci, Università degli Studi di Pisa, 2009-10
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The aim of the thesis was the design and development of the suspension and steering system for a Formula SAE vehicle.
As far as the suspension system is concerned, during the kinematic project (which includes the steering system) we tried to improve last year’s vehicle characteristics based on what is found in literature, results of previously developed analytical models, and direct experience. Special care was dedicated to technical parameters such as camber and toe
angles, roll center position. The design of springs, dampers and antiroll mechanism was based on the knowledge of non – linear tires behaviour and vehicle dynamics concepts such as the understeer gradient and the fraction of front load transfer. The driver efforts
was also taken into account for the design of the steering system. Structural aspects and layout problems always went hand in hand with the rest of the design.