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Proposal for a Model of Sustainable Development through the Use of LCA Methodology: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
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Proposta di un modello di sviluppo sostenibile mediante l’utilizzo della metodologia LCA: il caso della Repubblica Democratica del Congo
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Sefora Inzaghi, Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, 2009-10
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Academic area
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
This work is the result of a collaboration and study at the research centre ENEA (National agency for New techniques, Energy and Environment) “Ezio Clementel” of Bologna, where the research has been developed.
The scope of the search has been that to propose a growth model to apply to a country of Central Africa: the Democratic Republic of Congo, that it considers the environmental consequences of the development. The mean used for this analysis is the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), that allows to estimate the effect of a product during all the stages it passes throught: from the production to the use and the disposal.