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Self Efficacy and Negotiation: Example of a Job Agency in the Relationship with the Customer: From the Introduction to the Visit
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Senso d'autoefficacia e negoziazione - Esempio di un’agenzia del lavoro nel rapporto col cliente: dalla presentazione alla visita
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Umberto Danelli, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, 2007-08
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The thesis gives the data on the sense of the self-efficacy theory of Bandura, the first researcher about it, according to the activities of an enterprise of the services, the "In Job" of Verona. The data, which are useful for a result forecast, will evidence the importance of the negotiations in a job agency. There will be other considerations about the the psycho-social truth: this will help to have a greater amplitude in the understanding of dynamics about the negotiations. Different typical characteristics of the psycho-social researches emerge, an example could be: the groupthink, the use of the heuristic ones in order to decide, the reciprocity during the negotiates and the analysis of the success for themselves and for the opposite part. There's a point of view about every single understanding and the self-efficacy of themselves and of the others. Bandura says it consists in the conviction that we will determinate the effects when we give great data with our expectations, with the right behavioural choices in a social atmosphere of reference, interacting through the personal factors of cognitive, affective and biological type. The author demonstrates that the individual thinks which are necessary to have a control on the situations, can preview some outcomes; this prerogative goes beyond the difficulties which could give some limits to the management of our daily life. Bandura says we have the possibility to develop the competences in an occupational role,as a negotiator, through a management model that depends from the personal experiences and the observation of the other people's ones. The job agency, which is referenced in the thesis, is In Job of Verona. It's a society which has different operative roles and above all it will analyze the commercial manager, who has a function strategically very important for the business. This role is basic for the activities of all the group, because it develops the relationships with the right companies which need a consulence for the research of his staff and coaching.