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The Drop-Out Problem in Italian University: Which Changes after The Reform 509/99?
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Il fenomeno del drop-out nell'Università italiana: quali cambiamenti dopo la Riforma Universitaria 509/99?
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Silvia Moruzzi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, 2006-07
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This thesis is about the drop-our problem in Italian Universities with the purpose of understanding what changed after the Reform (509/99).
In the first part I introduced the main features of Italian University Reform (DM 509/99), its purposes and some indicators useful to compare the Italian University situation before and after the Reform.
The university drop-out is largely present especially in Italy and many scholars tried to understand its peculiarity and causes.
In addition, I made a survey to understand the characteristics of drop-out students (in particular, the students from two courses of the Political Sciences Faculty) in comparison with the enrolled students.
In order to face the drop-out problem, the institutions should introduce some strategies, as meeting between Faculty and high-school students, individual approaches to at-risk students...
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