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Publishing your thesis/dissertation

Publishing conditions
If you want your work to be read, a small presentation is necessary, therefore the table of contents, the bibliography and a short preview (about 15 pages) of your thesis/dissertation will be freely accessible. Besides, thesis or dissertation complete access will be available only under a 30 euros payment fee. From the second copy sold, you will earn a royalty of fifty per cent (50%), minus twenty per cent (20%) taxes.

Privacy Information
Your data will be stored and transferred in secure ways. Other users will not have any access to your data and Tesionline will not deliver them without your permission. Moreover, you can chat with other users, without showing them your email address.

Publishing instructions
In order to publish your thesis or dissertation you have to be registered on our website.
Fill the form with your personal data and then click the SUBMIT button. Automatically a mail will be sent to your E-Mail address, just follow the instructions and you will be enabled to publish your work.
Once registered, Tesionline automatically will create your personal administration page, where you can browse the uploaded files and manage your personal information.
You can also send us a picture, which will be edited on your thesis/dissertation page.

Authors who discussed their thesis/dissertation in an Italian University or equivalent institute are invited to publish their works only on www.tesionline.it