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Tesionline is different
Tesionline is a non academic website where you can publish your theses and dissertations for free. In few steps your work will be available online for a worldwide community.

Internet introduced a new way to think of knowledge: finally you can share it with the largest number of people, pulling down all frontiers and language boundaries. During our 7 years' experience, we successfully trailed internet as a place where students, young graduates meet both academic world and companies.

Now Tesionline provides you the opportunity to show the world your work, your researches, your achievements and, at the same time, to store them. Since our mission is to create an online library accessible to everyone, if you join us, Tesionline can be your virtual showcase.

We also know how many efforts and researches took to complete your work, we defend your intellectual property allowing your thesis and dissertation readings only under a small fee payment. Besides, at the end of every calendar year, you will get royalties for each copy sold.

Knowledge sharing requires a further overcoming boundary: even if internet users are basically English speakers, language can be one of the greatest obstacles. You can help us, translating theses and dissertations already published, to make our resources easily accessible to as much people as possible.

Who we are
Born in 2000, Tesionline already published in Italy more than 20,000 among theses and dissertations, creating the largest web community made of students, teachers, scholars and young graduated looking for their first job. A meeting point where knowledge comes out of the academic world and gets in touch with different realities (from university to business) and turns to be a career opportunity.

The meaning of our company name is strictly connected to our mission and our history: tesi - the Italian word for theses - stored and published online.
Since 2005, persuaded internet increasingly spreading is a chance for knowledge sharing and conditions improvement, we started storing theses and dissertations from all over the world, making them available online.

Get published
If you like our project, join us publishing your work now. Just follow the instructions and let it be part of the largest virtual theses and dissertations database. You can send us the files in any format, we will convert them to Pdf format for free.
For any further information, read our publishing instructions.

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Help us give you a better service, send us comments or advices using the form.

Tesionline with Amref for Sudan
Tesionline has chosen to support, since 2008, an important project run by Amref for training Clinical Officers in Sudan. If you want more information on the project and join us helping Sudanese people, visit this page.